Drive Test and Benchmarking

We have in the last few years covered over 100,000KM of drive test. The scope done involved investigative drive tests, single site verification, Optimization drive tests, Inter-operator Benchmarking Drive tests as well as in-Building walk tests. Our drive test setup is designed to mimic the actual subscriber behavior in both data and voice service domains with a wide range of technological capabilities – GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, VoLTE

DIGITIZET SITE AUDITS - IMG_20211111_092025_418

Digitized Site Audits

Using our smart aligners, we have done digitized automated site RF audits for over 3000 sites in Kenya. Using satellites the smart aligner guarantees accurate capture of mechanical azimuths, tilts, rolls and position of all RF & MW Antennas on site. Our smart aligners are incorporated with laser range finders for accurate antenna height reading.


Rf Equipment Installation and Optimization

Through our experienced and certified Riggers, we have done RF equipment installation, Upgrade works and optimization in more than 2,000 sites in the last 5 years. This includes: new RF installations, RF height, azimuth & tilt changes, antenna decluttering & Technology upgrades. We ensure accurate and fast delivery using state of art tools like the smart aligners. H&S has always been at the very core of our operations with Zero incident reported.

OUTDOOR DAS SYSTEMS - 20181015_094356

Outdoor Das Systems

Design, planning and Implementation of outdoor DAS solution to improve coverage in five different dense sub-urban estates in Nairobi Kenya. The projects involved unique populous settlements with very dense Highrise apartment constructed back-to-back. With a centralized Hub site, low power remote RF units were distributed over an area of about 150,00 sqmtrs using both lamp-post and wall-mounts. This resulted is good deep indoor coverage while guaranteeing radiation safety of the residents.


Rf Network Replan and Redesign

Pentacom has been privileged to do RF network replanning and redesigns for over 1,500 sites in Kenya with excelling gains in coverage and quality; resulting to improved customer experience and growth in revenue.

This scope entailed digitized site audits, intensive drive tests, thorough soft parameter audits & optimization, Physical RF parameters redesigns and Implementation. The process is managed by experienced Consultant RF engineers with the help of state of art tools.

We use the turnkey project approach ensuring full accountability and fast & efficient project execution.